The overall goal of my research is to develop methods, tools and techniques for understanding, specifying, designing and implementing dependable, complex systems. I am particularly interested in socio-technical systems where the system dependability is not just dependent on correct software but also on how the system fits with human, social and organisational activities.

Socio-technical systems have been the theme of my research for many years and I was amongst the first researchers to explore how to use methods from the social sciences to develop a deeper understanding of how people and computers deliver dependability. I was a partner in the DIRC consortium which focused on dependable systems design and worked on a follow-up project called INDEED, where we developed the notion of responsibility modelling as a means of socio-technical analysis.  I am now working in the LSCITS project (Large-Scale Complex IT Systems), where our focus is on making socio-technical approaches usable by people in industry. I have more than 200 publications of different types - the best way to see these is through my Google Scholar profile.  

I have recently developed an interest in cloud computing, which I believe will be an important new paradigm for enterprise computing systems. I have been involved in the creation of StACC - The St Andrews Co-Laboratory for Cloud Computing. Within StACC. we have built a private cloud for experiments and are working on projects concerned with energy measurement and management and in application migration to the cloud.

January 2014: I am not maintaining or updating this page but it will remain available indefinitely.