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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is an important new paradigm for the provision of computing services, where services are accessed remotely over the Internet rather than provided on local computers. The key benefits of cloud computing is the elasticity of resources - you can scale your requirements to demand and the ability to access information from anywhere, using any device.  I think this is one of the most exciting new development in computer science with great opportunities for research and innovation.

I have helped set up StACC - The St Andrews Co-Laboratory for Cloud Computing, which is our research environment for cloud computing.  Within StACC. we have built a private cloud for experiments and are working on projects concerned with energy measurement and management and in application migration to the cloud. 

January 2014: I am not maintaining or updating this page but it will remain available indefinitely. 

Cloud computing for Large-Scale Complex IT Systems (2010-13). This project is part of the LSCITS initiative which is a research and training programme focusing on large-scale complex IT systems. The cloud component of LSCITS involves Bristol, Aston and St Andrews universities. In St Andrews, we are primarily focusing on the issues around moving enterprise system portfolios to the cloud.

Services to the Cloud (2011-13), a project where we are helping companies with high-value software products move these products to the cloud. 

Elastic Virtual Infrastructure for Research Applications (ELVIRA) (2011). In this project, we are developing tools to make it easier for scientists to use the cloud to run their computationally-intensive applications.

Other stuff

My podcast on cloud computing (University of Edinburgh, 2011)

Key publications

A. Khajeh-Hosseini, D. Greenwood, and I. Sommerville. (2010) "Cloud Migration: A Case Study of Migrating an Enterprise IT System to IaaS," Proc. IEEE Cloud 2010, 3rd International Conference on Cloud Computing, Miami, Florida.

A. Khajeh-Hosseini, D. Greenwood, J. W. Smith & I. Sommerville. (2011). The Cloud Adoption Toolkit: Supporting Cloud Adoption Decisions in the Enterprise. Software: Practice and Experience - Special Issue on Software Architectures and Application Development Environments for Cloud Computing. 2011