This page is primarily intended for students taking my courses in software and systems engineering. All presentations, notes, tests and additional information for the most recent versions of these courses can be accessed from here. The courses are all at a Masters level.  

LSCITS (York):                  Systems engineering for LSCITS (2012)
LSCITS (York):                  Socio-technical systems (2012)    
CS5032 (St Andrews):        Critical systems engineering (2013)

I also cover a very brief introduction to cloud computing for 1st year students.                                         

I think that teaching material, paid for from public funds, should be made freely available. Therefore, I am happy for others to download and use my notes in courses that they are teaching or for self-study. All material is therefore licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike 2.5 (Scotland) licence. 

I am in the process of creating a set of short teaching videos focusing on critical systems and critical systems engineering. I will be adding to these from August 2013 to January 2014 (current list of available videos).

You are free to use and modify the teaching material as you wish but you should attribute the original material to me and you can only reproduce and distribute the teaching material under the same conditions i.e. you may not charge for it.