To capture some of my teaching experience, I have started to put together a set of teaching videos where I explain various topics related to critical systems and system dependability. These are not simply recordings of my lectures but are specially prepared videos, from 8 to 15 minutes long, on specific topics.  I was motivated to create these by the development of MOOCs - Massive Online Open Courses - and how these allowed students to review and study topics at their own pace.  I have some reservations about MOOCS and it's important to emphasise that it's not my aim to create a MOOC but I think the idea of supporting self-study with lectures used for discussion is an approach to teaching that is worth exploring.

There are currently (January 2014) about 30 videos available. I plan to add to these during 2014 but do not currently have a schedule for new video availability.

For each topic, I have included links to the videos on YouTube, links to the accompanying Powerpoint slides on Slideshare and my recommendations for further reading on the topic.


Critical systems (6 videos)
Introductory lectures on critical systems engineering where I introduce the topic of critical systems and the key dependability concepts of reliability, availability, safety and security.

These videos introduce requirements engineering including a discussion of stakeholders and viewpoints, processes and challenges.

In these videos I discuss the idea of a sociotechnical as distinct from a technical system and introduce three important characteristics of these systems - emergence, non-determinism and subjectivity.

Our critical national infrastructure is those networks and services in which society depends. These are now all dependent on digital control systems and so these are critical systems on which society depends. This set of videos explains what is meant by critical national infrastructure and discusses SCADA - the type of control systems that are used.

Cybersecurity (7 videos)
Introduces cybersecurity and explains why it is now critically important. 

Case studies (5 videos)
A number of case studies that illustrate issues and problems in different critical systems.

Videos are available on YouTube and for download to your own computer. For the moment, downloads are limited to students and staff from St Andrews University but the intention is to make downloads publicly available in the near future. All videos can be accessed from this link.