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Critical national infrastructure

Videos are available on YouTube and for download to your own computer. For the moment, downloads are limited to students and staff from St Andrews University but the intention is to make downloads publicly available in the near future.

Videos and slides

Critical national infrastructure (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
Explains what is meant by critical national infrastructure

Infrastructure dependability (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
Discusses factors and issues that affect the dependability of critical infrastructures

Infrastructure resilience (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
Discusses what is required for infrastructure to be resilient to external threats and failures

Infrastructure control (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
Explains the organisation of control systems for critical national infrastructure networks

Introducing SCADA (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
Introduces SCADA - the systems used for infrastructure control

SCADA security (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
Discusses security vulnerabilities in SCADA control systems

The Maroochy water breach (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
A cybersecurity incident that led to the spillage of sewage in a region of Australia.

The Stuxnet worm (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
A case study of cyberwarfare where a computer worm was used to attack the SCADA control systems of a uranium processing plant in Iran.


The State of the Nation: Defending our critical infrastructure. UK Institution of Civil Engineers. 2009. 

The Maroochy Shire Incident, Australia 2000

This article is an accessible description of the Stuxnet worm that attacked nuclear processing facilities in Iran.