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Critical systems

An introduction to critical systems (video (YouTube), video (download), slides)
Explains what is meant by a 'critical system' and why these are important

System dependability (video (YouTube), video (download), slides)
Introduces the notion of dependability as a composite system property and relates this to trust.

Availability and reliability (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
Explains availability and reliability as fundamental properties of critical systems.

System safety (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
Explains safety as a fundamental property of critical systems.

System security (video (YouTube), video (download), slides)
Explains security as a fundamental property of critical system

Critical systems engineering (video (YouTube), video (download), slides)
Describes the critical differences between the development process for critical systems compared to other types of software-intensive system.


Software Engineering, 9th edition. Chapter 11. Ian Sommerville. Addison-Wesley, 2011. (website)

Fundamental Concepts of Dependability. A. Avizienis, J.C. Laprie and B. Randell.
This is an updated version of Laprie's original classic paper on dependability that related dependability to other critical properties of software systems.