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Requirements engineering

Videos are available on YouTube and for download to your own computer. For the moment, downloads are limited to students and staff from St Andrews University but the intention is to make downloads publicly available in the near future.

An introduction to requirements engineering (video(YouTube), video (download), slides)
This video explains what is meant by a requirement and requirements engineering and why this is an important software and systems engineering process

Stakeholders, viewpoints and concerns (video (YouTube), video (download), slides)
This video introduces some basic concepts of requirements engineering - stakeholders as a source of requirements, viewpoints as a means of organizing requirements and concerns as a means of deriving systemic requirements.

Requirements engineering processes (video (YouTube),  video (download), slides)
This video oresents a range of perspectives on requirements engineering processes.

Requirements engineering challenges (video (YouTube) video (download), slides)
This video explains some of the problems of requirements engineering and why this will always be a challenging activity.


Software Engineering, 9th edition. Chapters 4 and 12.  Ian Sommerville, Addison Wesley 2011 

PreView: Tackling the real concerns of requirements engineering. Ian Sommerville, Pete Swayer and Stephen Viller.

Ian Sommerville,
17 Dec 2013, 09:43