Cloud reading list

Background reading

Remotely hosted services and cloud computing. D. Cliff. BECTA report. 2009. pp1-16.
This report was written for an educational organisation called BECTA so it has an educational  rather than a business perspective. However, pages 1-16 are a good, easy to read, introduction to cloud computing.

Let it rise. A special report on corporate IT. The Economist, October 25th 2008. pp1-8
This is a report on cloud computing written from a business perspective. For this course, the most relevant sections are in pages 1-8, which discuss cloud computing technologies.

(The links above take you to a cloud service (Google docs) to view these documents. If you want to download them as PDF, you can click on the attachments below)

This introductory article takes a slightly different approach and discusses the evolution of cloud technology.

If you choose to write a cloud computing essay, the following links may be helpful

An article from the Law Society of Scotland discussing cloud computing issues that law firms should be aware of.

Another article in the Law Gazette along the same lines as the above Scottish article. Perhaps a little bit easier to read as it is written by a professional journalist.

Learning more

The Big Switch. Nicholas Carr.
This is an easy-to-read book that introduces cloud computing and the idea of computing as a utility like power or water. It is not deeply technical.

Video of Nick Carr introducing the topic

The Wikipedia article on cloud computing is OK but is not, in my opinion, very understandable by people who don't already know what cloud computing is.


These are links to videos on cloud computing that you may find helpful.

Cloud computing explained (an easy introduction)

This is a video which looks ahead at the uses of the cloud. It's quite long but goes much further than the introductory topics covered in the lectures.

There are lots of other videos on YouTube on this topic. I haven't had time to look at them all but you may wish to browse and take a look at any that seem to be relevant.

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