Student and lecturer bios

Ian Sommerville

Ian is Professor of Software Engineering at the University of St Andrews and has 30+ years of experience of research and teaching in this area. In the 1990s, unhappy with the effectiveness of technical solutions to software problems, he entered into a collaboration with colleagues from sociology to examine socio-technical issues and how these influenced complex software systems. From this collaboration, he has learned an immense amount about inter-disciplinary working and about the value of a social and organisational perspective on systems engineering. He is a principal investigator in the Large-scale Complex Systems Engineering research and teaching programme and, as well as his interests in socio-technical systems, he is also interested in cloud computing and how this will affect organisations and their software engineering.

For more information about Ian's research and teaching, Ian's web page is at http://www.

Mustafa Aydin

I am a second year LSCITS student, based with BT and looking at cloud computing security. The area I am currently looking at is in providing additional security for virtual machines in the cloud, by making their history more reliable to the user, and in order to aid security investigations in the cloud for processes such as digital forensics.

I have only been working in computing since completing an MSc Computer Science at UCL (a conversion course) in 2009, where I produced research looking at the impact of users' mobility on trust propagation algorithms.

Ali Abusnina

I am first year EngD student, and Socio-technical Systems is my third core module. I have done my MSc in Smart systems and Technology at Bournemouth University. Before I decided to do my MSc, I worked as Control and Instrumentation specialist for Eni Oil Company for 7 years. I am now conducting my research with Evonik Industries in Germany. My research area is Soft Sensors; I am particular looking at developing adaptive techniques based on Gaussian processes, ANN, and Multivariate statistics (PLS and PCA).

Christos Evripidou

My name is Christos Evripidou and I am on the first year of my EngD. Prior to my EngD I did a BEng in Computer Science and an MSc in Software Engineering at the University of York. The sponsoring company of my EngD is ETAS, which specialises in real-time embedded software for the automotive industry. The current focus of my EngD is the use of virtualisation in real-time embedded systems. 

Afnan Khan

Thanos Zolotas

I am an EngD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York. I am a member of the Enterprise Systems group of the University.

My research topic is “Domain Specific Languages for Application Build Processes”. I started my project on the 3rd of October 2011, so as you can understand I am a new member of the research society. That also means that I am a little bit confused about the topic. The main goal is to define one or more domain-specific languages to let the users describe the requirements of web application and auto generate tests. I hope that I will be able to explain it in more details in a couple of months. My interests in computer science revolve around the Model Driven Development, Software Engineering and pure software programming.

I hold a BSc degree in Applied Informatics from the University of Macedonia located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Actually this is a Computer Science degree but it is focused in developing and using applications related with Economics and Statistics. In 2010-2011 I successfully attended the MSc course of Software Engineering in the University of York. My final project was the migration of a mailing list to a new system using model driven engineering.