A digital learning environment for primary and secondary schools

The aim of this case study is to help you understand some of the practical difficulties of developing requirements for a large, complex system. The system in question is a digital learning environment for schools in Scotland and your remit is to make a presentation to the Minister for Education proposing what should be procured and deployed in all schools.

There are 4 sessions planned - in the first, I will introduce the case study; in the last, you will make presentations (either individual or group presentations, depending how many people attend the course). There will be a maximum of 5, 10 minute presentations.

The other 2 case study sessions will involve some presentation from me and some group working from you. We will be flexible about what will actually be involved - it could be a discussion on architecture, it could be a discussion of political barriers and issues.

The system description document (PPTX) summarises the issues around the system and presents some scenarios of how it might be used.

I will briefly explain in the final session the actual system proposals that were made and the architecture that was proposed. However, as these documents have not yet been approved for release, it is not possible to make them available to you at this stage.

January 2014: I am not maintaining or updating this page but it will remain available indefinitely.